Say What You Will About Tim Tebow








By: Faizal Khamisa

You kind of had a feeling it was going to end like this didn’t you?

Not just the game, but wildcard weekend in itself.

How does one manage to explain the significance of what happened these evening.

A team led by Tim Tebow, arguably the quarterback with the least accurate throw amongst football starters upset the defending AFC Champions and Super Bowl runners up, the Pittsburgh Steelers, in the final round 1 game of the NFL playoffs.


That’s the question we have to stop asking.

Tebow usually has people saying one of the following:

“Say what you will about Tim Tebow, the man just wins;”

“Tebow isn’t the reason they win, the rest of the team is.”

Find me someone who says something in-between.

The fact of the matter is, the Denver Broncos are winning in spite of him, while the parts around him are benefited.

The running game has flourished since his ascension  as the teams starter. Do you know where they ranked in the NFL in rushing? Number 1.

Thank Tim Tebow for that. Thank him for a lot actually, because through all the crap the man has had to listen to in the nearly 2 years of professional football he has played, he simply continues to say and do the right things.

Praise his teammates and win.

Look, no one is saying the man is going to win a title this year, although no Hollywood production would be fast-tracked quicker that this. I believe, however, it’s time to simply shut up about the hate for this man and his playing ability, and enjoy the will and grit he puts in week after week after week after week.

There was no way, according to the “NFL Experts” he was going to win this game.


But it happened.

The life of a professional athletes, as we know, is under heavy scrutiny. The every move gets criticized, analyzed and polarized beyond belief. No one more than Tebow.

This is why he’s become so likeable in my eyes. He just keeps going. Not afraid of his faith, not afraid of the game, and certainly not afraid of his haters.

What he is afraid of is not giving it every thing he has no matter how down and out his team is.

In my eyes, that’s a winner.

In my eyes, there’s really no other definition.


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