Pittsburgh Penguins extend Sidney Crosby









Sidney Crosby’s 24 years old. He’s about to add $100 million to his bank account. The Penguins captain is expected to sign a contract extension that would keep the superstar in Pittsburgh for what is reportedly the next 12 years, all for a cool $100 million dollars.

Crosby will be entering the last year of a 5 year $43.5 million dollar contract signed in 2007.

He lead Pittsburgh to the Stanley Cup in 2009, but has come under scrutiny over the last 18 months after bouts with concussions and neck injuries. He played in just 22 games this last season, but did tally 37 points. The contract shows that Penguins brass have enough faith in his clean bill of health that he indeed will be safe for an extended period of time.

The extension still leaves the Pens with about $15 million under the cap, which this morning was released and maxes out at just over $70 million.

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