NFL Week 15 Recap









Week 15 Record: 6-8
Season Record: 151-69
Week 15 Against the Spread: 6-8
Season Against the Spread: 93-79

Cincinnati Bengals 20-13 St. Louis Rams (Spread: Cincinnati -3.5)

Pick: Bengals to win and cover. Although this game was pretty much what everyone expected, one interesting thing from this is that the Bengals are now tied with the Jets for the 6th wild card spot.  Although both are 8-6, if both finish with the same record it would come down to strength of schedule as a tiebreaker, in which the Jets would probably win.  Fantasy Tip: Bengals WR AJ Green injured his shoulder, and if he doesn’t play you should start WR Jerome Simpson against a weak Cardinals secondary. 

New Orleans Saints 42-20 Minnesota Vikings (Spread: New Orleans -6.5)

Pick: Saints to win and cover. The Saints are going to the playoffs and the Vikings aren’t.  Simple enough?  Fantasy Tip: Saints QB Drew Brees is obviously amazing, and has a great matchup against the Falcons next week.  Make sure you start his new favourite target, WR Lance Moore.  The Vikings have a tough defensive matchup against the Redskins next week, so try to stay away from starting any Vikings besides RB Adrian Peterson (if he plays).

Green Bay Packers 19-14 Kansas City Chiefs (Spread: Green Bay -14.5)

Pick: Packers to win and cover. Did the Chiefs finally solve the Packers offense?  Did Rodgers just have a bad day?  Or was WR Greg Jennings really that crucial to the Packers offense?  It seems like it was a combination of all three, and I fully expect that Packers to bounce back at home next week against the Bears.  Fantasy Tip: If you’re desperate for a QB, Kyle Orton could be an option, since he has a good matchup against the Raiders.  WR Donald Driver should be looking to eclipse 10,000 receiving yards at home on Christmas, so he could be a nice sleeper.

Seattle Seahawks 38-14 Chicago Bears (Spread: Chicago -3.5)

Pick: Seahawks to win and cover. The Seahawks defense was ridiculously good, forcing 5 turnovers and scoring 2 touchdowns.  Both these teams can still win a wild card spot, but it’s extremely unlikely as they would need to win out, have one of the Lions or Falcons lose out, then beat that team on a tiebreaker.  Fantasy Tip: Both these teams have great defenses, but only the Seahawks would be worth using this week against the 49ers, since the Bears are playing the Packers this week.  Bears RB Bell is a nice sleeper this week, since he has become the main option in a lackluster offense.

Tennessee Titans 13-27 Indianapolis Colts (Spread: Tennesse -6.5)

Pick: Titans to win and cover. Thank God my Colts won a game! Colts QB Dan Orlovsky also got the first win of his career.  The Titans are still in contention for playoffs, and with a win next week and losses by the Bengals and Jets, they’ll be tied for the final wild card spot.  Fantasy Tip: Try to stay away from all the Colts this week, since they’re facing the Texans.  However the Titans have a good matchup against the Jaguars, so look at QB Jake Locker or WR Nate Washington as sleepers.

Washington Redskins 23-10 New York Giants (Spread: New York -7.5)

Pick: Giants to win, Redskins to cover. Thanks to the Redskins solid defense, they got a great win over the Giants.  However, the Redskins can’t make the playoffs.  The Giants can, and if they simply win out (against the Jets and Cowboys) they win their division and make the playoffs.  Fantasy Tip: Be very careful about starting Giants players against the Jets this week.  If you need WRs, start Redskins WRs Gaffney or Moss against the Vikings weak secondary.

Carolina Panthers 28-13 Houston Texans (Spread: Houston -6.5)

Pick: Texans to win and cover. The Panthers are out, and the Texans have clinched their division.  Fantasy Tip: The Panthers and Texans have excellent matchups next week against the Bucs and Colts respectively.  Make sure you start your stars on those teams.

Miami Dolphins 30-23 Buffalo Bills (Spread: Buffalo -0.5)

Pick: Dolphins to win and cover. Both of these teams are out of the playoffs.  Fantasy Tip: The Dolphins are facing the Patriots next week, and have an excellent defensive matchup.  Start your Dolphins, including QB Moore, RB Bush, WR Marshall.  The Bills have a decent matchup against the Broncos next week, and the best player to start would be RB Spiller, who had a huge game against the Dolphins.

Detroit Lions 28-27 Oakland Raiders (Spread: Detroit -1.5)

Pick: Raiders to win and cover. The Raiders just barely lost, after Lions DT Ndamukong Suh blocked a 65 yard field goal.  This means that the Raiders will need to win to even have a chance to win their division or a wild card spot, since they don’t control their own destiny.  Meanwhile, the Lions can clinch a wild card spot with a win in one of their next two games.  Fantasy Tip: The Raiders have a difficult matchup against the defensive Chiefs next week, but WR Heyward-Bey is a solid start.  The Lions could be in a shootout with the Chargers next week, so start QB Stafford, WR Johnson, and look at a sleeper like WR Burleson.

Cleveland Browns 17-20 Arizona Cardinals (Spread: Arizona -6.5)

Pick: Cardinals to win and cover. Both these teams are out of the playoffs.  Fantasy Tip: The Browns have a very difficult matchup next week against the Ravens, so stay away from the Browns.  The Cardinals have a slightly better matchup against the Bengals, but I wouldn’t start anyone other than WR Fitzgerald and RB Wells.

New York Jets 45-19 Philadelphia Eagles (Spread: Philadelphia -2.5)

Pick: Jets to win and cover. The Jets had 4 turnovers, and the Eagles somehow kept their playoffs hope alive.  The Jets (8-6) only need to stay ahead of the Bengals (8-6), Titans (7-7), Raiders (7-7), Chargers (7-7), and the Chiefs (6-8).  The Eagles can make the playoffs if they win out, have the Cowboys lose out, and only have the Giants win one game.  Fantasy Tip: Be careful about starting any Jets against the Giants.  But the Eagles have a great matchup against the Cowboys, so try starting Eagles TE Celek, who had a huge game against the Jets.

New England Patriots 41-23 Denver Broncos (Spread: New England -6.5)

Pick: Patriots to win, Broncos to cover. This seemed like simply an off game for the Broncos, who had three turnovers, plus a fumble on an extra point attempt.  The Patriots have clinched their division, and the Broncos can too with a win and a loss by Oakland.  Fantasy Tip: The Broncos have a great matchup against the Bills next week, so start QB Tebow, RB McGahee (if active, if not then start RB Ball) and WR Thomas.

Baltimore Ravens 14-34 San Diego Chargers (Spread: Baltimore -2.5)

Pick: Ravens to win and cover. The Ravens were not playing up to par, and the Chargers are doing their usual late season run.  The Ravens have clinched a playoff spot, but the Chargers would need to win out and get help to make the playoffs.  Fantasy Tip: The Chargers are playing great right now, so start your star Chargers, and WR Floyd as a sleeper.  The Ravens are shaky right now, so don’t start anyone besides RB Rice and WR Smith or Boldin.

Pittsburgh Steelers 3-20 San Francisco 49ers (Spread: San Francisco -2.5)

Pick: Steelers to win and cover. I really wanted to change my pick to the 49ers after seeing Roethlisberger’s injury status, and that would’ve been the right thing to do after seeing Roethlisberger threw 3 interceptions with 1 fumble.  Both these teams have clinched playoff spots.  Fantasy Tip: Be careful next week with 49ers players against a strong Seahawks defense, but start your Steelers against a terrible Rams defense.


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