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If the current Cowboys season was a movie, it would be suspenseful from start to finish.  They have produced numerous nail-biting games with 9 games being decided under 7 points with all of them having game-winning scores within the last 2 minutes (or overtime). And even though the movie may not be finished, we can start to evaluate how good these Cowboys really are.

It’s hard to figure out how good the Cowboys are with them beating the 49ers and giving trouble to the Patriots while struggling versus Miami and Washington.  Even with the team having their fair injuries including Tony Romo, Miles Austin, Felix Jones, and DeMarco Murray, this team doesn’t seem like a team ready to make a run at the Superbowl yet.

So what seems to be the problem? Romo is the 4th best Quarterback in the league in terms of QB rating, Murray has the 2nd highest yards per carry in the league amongst RBs with over 100 carries, and in terms of points, the offense and defense ranks 12th and 10th, respectively, in the league.  Some may blame it on the anti-clutchness of the team, some may blame it on Jason Garrett, and some may just say it’s the usual Cowboys.  Truthfully it may be all of the above.  Countless penalties and the inability to close out games significantly hurt the team.  It also doesn’t help when your coach doesn’t know when to call a timeout.

With three games left in the season and the NFC playoff race tightening up, the Cowboys may have just shot their playoff dreams with the loss to the Giants.  It is almost necessary to win-out their remaining games and it may just come down to the final game of the season where the Giants host the Cowboys.  Whether they win these games by a field goal or blow-out their opponents, the Boys in the Big D will have to bring their A-game and finish strong if they want to continue playing in January.

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