Colts clean house; Fire Bill, Chris Polian









The casualties continue today. The latest victims, the management of the Indianapolis Colts.

ESPN is reporting that Colts Owner Jim Irsay has fired Vice President and General Manager Chris Polian, and Father and President/Vice Chairman Bill Polian.

The Colts suffered their worst season in 14 years going 2-14, and have locked up the number 1 spot in the 2012 draft.

With perennial pro-bowl Quarterback Peyton Manning out the entire year, the Colts struggled to maintain their historic pace from previous years, and it’s expected they will draft Manning’s successor in the upcoming draft. Widely expected to be Stanford QB Andrew Luck, there is no doubt the firing of the Polian’s is sure to see a plethora of movement, gearing this Colts team to a new direction, perhaps lead by Luck. That, of course, means trading or cutting Manning, which will surely cause some controversy in Indianapolis.

For now we wait and see whether this is just the first domino to fall.

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